FINISHING CONCEPTS, INC. is your one source for all your finishing needs. People with experience and an eye for detail make the difference in the selection of components to create a system where all the pieces work together as one. This includes everything from the anode bags to a turn-key zinc plating line. The next time you need any item related to your finishing system, give Finishing Concepts, Inc. a call and let us work together to select the very answer for your needs.

Your One Source For Finishing Equipment and Supplies

Metal Finishing Supplies

  • Heating Equipment
  • Rectifiers & Metering Controls
  • Filter Cartridges, Paper & Systems
  • Plating Barrels & Barrel Parts
  • Laboratory Supplies & Equipment
  • Anode Materials, Baskets, Hooks & Bags

Engineering Services

  • Facility & System Design
  • Equipment Evaluation
  • Energy Usage Analysis
  • Process Evaluation
  • Material Flow Analysis
  • Exhaust Requirement Evaluation

New & Rebuilt Equipment

  • Automated Hoist Systems
  • Equipment Overhaul
  • Rebuild & Modify Existing Systems
  • Dryers & Ovens
  • Replacement Tanks & Flexible Liners
  • Boilers & Chillers

Systems for Finishing

  • Plating Lines – Manual & Automatic
  • Paint Lines
  • Powder Coat Lines
  • Waste Treatment Systems
  • RO & DI Systems
  • Exhaust Systems

Contact Us
Finishing Concepts, Inc.
7102 Allisonville Road
Indianapolis, IN 46250

317-842-8120 (phone)
317-842-8130 (fax)

Products Offered
Automated Plating Systems
-Manual & Programmable Hoists
-Side Arm
-Split Rail

Heating and Cooling Equipment
-Steam/Hot Water
-Gas (Natural/Propane)
-Chiller Units

Dryers and Ovens
-Inline or Batch

-Automated Hoist Software
-Metering Pumps
-Volt/Amp Meters

-Water or Air Cooled
-New or Rebuilt
-SCR or Switchmode
-Pulse or Reversing

-Pneumatic Diaphragm
-Eductor Systems

-Process and Storage
-Metal or Plastic

-Horizontal Disc

Exhaust Systems
-Fume Scrubber

Waste Treatment Systems

Process Waste Reclamation Systems

RO and DI Water Systems

Rack Storage Systems
-Overhead Monorail
-Addressable Pick and Place