Plating Supplies

PLATING SUPPLIES are a core part of the foundation of Finishing Concepts, Inc. For over twenty years we have been providing supplies to meet the exact needs of each customer’s unique requirements. If your needs today are filter cartridges or paper, anode bags, anode materials, barrel parts, baskets or racking materials we are ready to provide the right items for your requirements.

HEATING AND COOLING EQUIPMENT should be designed properly from the beginning to prevent unnecessary operating expense for many years ahead. Selection of the proper components requires the knowledge that is gained by designing systems. Let Finishing Concepts, Inc. assist you the next time you need heating & cooling components or systems. Whether you require electric heaters, steam coils, cooling coils, temperature controls, gas burners, boilers, chillers or any other components Finishing Concepts, Inc. has the answer for your needs.

  • American Plating Power
  • Anode Products Company, Inc.
  • Aucos Hoist Control Systems
  • Belke Manufacturing
  • Blackstone-NEY Ultrasonics
  • Camac Industries
  • Containmant Recovery Systems (CON_REC)
  • Cooley Wire Products
  • Corrotec, Inc.
  • Custom Masters, Inc.
  • Darrah Electric
  • Desco, Inc.
  • Dynapower Corporation
  • FilterKleen Manufacturing, Inc.
  • Flo King
  • George Fischer, Inc. (GF)
  • Kocour Company
  • Liquid Metronics, Inc. (LMI)
  • Meadville New Products, Inc.
  • Mefiag Systems

  • Midwest Air Products, Inc. (MAPCO)
  • Midwest Mixing, Inc.
  • New Holland
  • Nobles Manufacturing
  • Palm International
  • Penguin
  • Plating Products
  • Poly Products Corporation
  • Process Technology
  • Rapid Power Technologies
  • Rotron
  • Serfilco
  • Sethco
  • Singleton
  • Titan Metal Products
  • Tolber
  • Tranter
  • Unit Liner Co.
  • W. C. Grant Company
  • Wilden Pumps and Engineering

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Contact Us
Finishing Concepts, Inc.
7102 Allisonville Road
Indianapolis, IN 46250

317-842-8120 (phone)
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Products Offered
Automated Plating Systems
-Manual & Programmable Hoists
-Side Arm
-Split Rail

Heating and Cooling Equipment
-Steam/Hot Water
-Gas (Natural/Propane)
-Chiller Units

Dryers and Ovens
-Inline or Batch

-Automated Hoist Software
-Metering Pumps
-Volt/Amp Meters

-Water or Air Cooled
-New or Rebuilt
-SCR or Switchmode
-Pulse or Reversing

-Pneumatic Diaphragm
-Eductor Systems

-Process and Storage
-Metal or Plastic

-Horizontal Disc

Exhaust Systems
-Fume Scrubber

Waste Treatment Systems

Process Waste Reclamation Systems

RO and DI Water Systems

Rack Storage Systems
-Overhead Monorail
-Addressable Pick and Place