New & Rebuilt Equipment

DRYERS AND OVENS are required to dry or cure parts in finishing operations. Ovens and dryers are available for continuous or batch operations as part of a system or as a stand alone requirement. The heat source can be gas, steam or electric depending on the resources available at the specific facility.

EQUIPMENT OVERHAUL, SYSTEM MODIFICATIONS AND INSTALLATION SERVICES for all types of finishing equipment and systems are provided by Finishing Concepts, Inc. The ability to change and modify your system is important to remain flexible for the ever changing challenges presented on a daily basis. Selection of a supplier to create an alternative design and pay attention to the details through all of the phases is important to the success at the end of an overhaul or modification. Count on Finishing Concepts, Inc. to be the company to oversee the details for the perfect installation.

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Products Offered
Automated Plating Systems
-Manual & Programmable Hoists
-Side Arm
-Split Rail

Heating and Cooling Equipment
-Steam/Hot Water
-Gas (Natural/Propane)
-Chiller Units

Dryers and Ovens
-Inline or Batch

-Automated Hoist Software
-Metering Pumps
-Volt/Amp Meters

-Water or Air Cooled
-New or Rebuilt
-SCR or Switchmode
-Pulse or Reversing

-Pneumatic Diaphragm
-Eductor Systems

-Process and Storage
-Metal or Plastic

-Horizontal Disc

Exhaust Systems
-Fume Scrubber

Waste Treatment Systems

Process Waste Reclamation Systems

RO and DI Water Systems

Rack Storage Systems
-Overhead Monorail
-Addressable Pick and Place