Systems for Finishing

PLATING SYSTEM COMPONENTS combine to make the best system possible. The selection of each major component is critical to creating a system that performs at the best possible efficiency and operates trouble free. Finishing Concepts, Inc. will select the proper components for your heating and cooling equipment, rectifiers, filter systems, process tanks, pumps, fans or tank liners.


AUTOMATED PLATING SYSTEMS are custom designed to meet the specific needs of each process and application. The difference of the design of a good system and a great system is the attention to detail provided from the start of the layout concepts to the completion of the installation. Years of experience are the critical factor in creating the great system everyone wants. The Finishing Concepts Team has been involved in numerous automated equipment projects and will select the best components and automation method for your needs. Regardless if your needs are programmable hoist, arm machines, spilt rail, continuous or some special hybrid of these automation techniques, we are here to provide a great system for you.

PAINT AND POWDER COAT SYSTEMS can be complex and require knowledgeable engineering support to create the proper design. The only way to be sure you are up to date is maintain contact with a responsible supplier. Finishing Concepts, Inc. provides all of the equipment required for installation and operation of a paint or powder coating line. Call on us to provide you the complete system or components for your application.


EXHAUST SYSTEMS can be a complex part of a process line and must be designed properly to be effective. Selection of exhaust rates, hood design, fan configurations, scrubber media, washdown methods and equipment locations are all critical factors to creating an efficient and effective exhaust system. Design analysis of existing exhaust systems is available and can include field checks of existing exhaust rates, calculation of duct size, equipment inspections, verification of existing equipment to calculated requirements. Finishing Concepts, Inc. is ready to provide the exhaust system equipment and analysis you require to provide a safe and clean workplace.

WASTE TREATMENT EQUIPMENT is a critical part of any finishing operation. Finishing Concepts engineers are available to assist with designing a system to treat the waste created by a finishing process. Equipment that can be supplied includes mixers, transfer & metering pumps, treatment tanks, electronic controls & meters, sludge presses and sludge dryers. Turn-key waste treatment systems and incoming water purification systems are available to match the finishing lines.

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Products Offered
Automated Plating Systems
-Manual & Programmable Hoists
-Side Arm
-Split Rail

Heating and Cooling Equipment
-Steam/Hot Water
-Gas (Natural/Propane)
-Chiller Units

Dryers and Ovens
-Inline or Batch

-Automated Hoist Software
-Metering Pumps
-Volt/Amp Meters

-Water or Air Cooled
-New or Rebuilt
-SCR or Switchmode
-Pulse or Reversing

-Pneumatic Diaphragm
-Eductor Systems

-Process and Storage
-Metal or Plastic

-Horizontal Disc

Exhaust Systems
-Fume Scrubber

Waste Treatment Systems

Process Waste Reclamation Systems

RO and DI Water Systems

Rack Storage Systems
-Overhead Monorail
-Addressable Pick and Place