Project List

-Project Manager for 80,000 square foot LEAN Manufacturing facility for buffing, plating and powder coating zinc die cast components – including waste-water treatment and process water (RO & DI) systems and integration with building design team

-Design and install Buffing Dust Collector System for manual buffing of brass components

-Engineering project for twenty-seven electroplating exhaust systems – Record existing conditions, Determine proper design and Recommend changes

-Replacement of exhaust fans and scrubbers on electroplating exhaust systems

-Design and installation of 6 foot per minute powder coating line for brass components

-Design and install belt conveyor washer for plastic components prior to assembly

-Design and installation of mist eliminators for nickel electroplating exhaust system

-Design and install control system for electroplating exhaust system to reduce energy consumption during off shifts and weekends for a 10 month payback period

-Replacement of two automated programmable hoists, parts dryer and load system on existing electroplating line

-Design and installation of an electroplating manual rack tank line for Research and Development

-Install multiple replacement plating rectifiers on existing mezzanine and modify DC copper bussing for higher DC amperage load

-Rebuild of split rail plating machine to change process capability and update all electrical controls

-Modify and existing anodize coating line to add electropolishing tanks and support equipment

-Design and installation of spray washer system for cleaning part handling dunnage

-Rebuild split rail plating machine to replace all mechanical components subjected to wear and tear along with strip and reline of all tanks to bring back reliability to existing equipment

-Project management for cleaning system to remove thick film draw lubricant from aluminum tubing

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Products Offered
Automated Plating Systems
-Manual & Programmable Hoists
-Side Arm
-Split Rail

Heating and Cooling Equipment
-Steam/Hot Water
-Gas (Natural/Propane)
-Chiller Units

Dryers and Ovens
-Inline or Batch

-Automated Hoist Software
-Metering Pumps
-Volt/Amp Meters

-Water or Air Cooled
-New or Rebuilt
-SCR or Switchmode
-Pulse or Reversing

-Pneumatic Diaphragm
-Eductor Systems

-Process and Storage
-Metal or Plastic

-Horizontal Disc

Exhaust Systems
-Fume Scrubber

Waste Treatment Systems

Process Waste Reclamation Systems

RO and DI Water Systems

Rack Storage Systems
-Overhead Monorail
-Addressable Pick and Place